Lincoln Park was an amusement park situated between New Bedford and Fall River in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  It was built in 1894 and ran continuously until closing in 1987.  There is a rich history associated with the park but I’ll leave it to the reader to search it out on other sites.  These photographs documents the parks very end.  A dozen years after the gates were locked, after everything of value had been hauled away and the major buildings burned, I jumped the fence to make this series. Comet Roller Coaster at the Platform after the Last RunMini Golf "Clubhouse" MarqueeOctagonal Bench around a Maple TreeRoller Coaster Comet with Operators Levers at the PlatformRoller Coaster Tracks, Cookout Fireplace, Mini-Golf 9th HoleView toward Roller Coaster Track from Collapsing PavilionWalkway into Lincoln Park, Bench and Roller Coaster TracksLincoln Park Boat Ride - Out to PastureLincoln Park OvergrownLincoln Park Ticket Booth, Upside-downRide EntranceLincoln Park Carousel, Restored at Battleship Cove, Fall River, MALincoln Park ClownRide Entrance, wide view